A canine RP that takes place in the northern regions of Alaska/Canada
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Mid-winter; low 20's, light snow.
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 Shiraha ~ Exile/Loner ~ Grey Wolf

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Rank : Omega
Species : Wolf
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Age : 18

Shiraha ~ Exile/Loner ~ Grey Wolf Empty
PostSubject: Shiraha ~ Exile/Loner ~ Grey Wolf   Shiraha ~ Exile/Loner ~ Grey Wolf Icon_minitimeTue Feb 02, 2016 10:41 pm

Name~ Shiraha
Nickname~ Shadow Feather
Gender~ Female
Species~ Grey Wolf
Age~ Wolf years, 18. Human years, 4.05
Desired Rank~ Omega
Desired Pack~ Undecided


Character Description~
Shadow Feather is very shy and submissive. She likes to observe other wolves but when someone walks over to her she immediately runs off. Although she adores pups. She likes to play with them and nuzzle them as her own. She also loves nature as well, and a hobby of hers is to walk around randomly.

Character Traits~
Positive~ Kind, Loyal, Generous
Neutral~ Submissive
Negative~ Shy, Introverted

Eye color~ Ocean blue, speckled with icy crystal colour
Pelt~ Pure black with silver underbelly, chest and cheeks
Height~ 1.9 ft
Weight~ 50 lbs

More Info~
Crush~ None
Mate~ None, searching
Pups~ None, wants them
Parents~ The brutal alphas of a brutal pack, dead
Siblings~ Five still-born siblings
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Shiraha ~ Exile/Loner ~ Grey Wolf
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