A canine RP that takes place in the northern regions of Alaska/Canada
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12th through 14th Bane
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 ~Hazelnut~ ~Stray~ ~Golden Spaniel~

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Rank : Stray
Species : Golden Spaniel
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~Hazelnut~ ~Stray~ ~Golden Spaniel~ Empty
PostSubject: ~Hazelnut~ ~Stray~ ~Golden Spaniel~   ~Hazelnut~ ~Stray~ ~Golden Spaniel~ Icon_minitimeWed Feb 03, 2016 7:04 am

~Hazelnut~ ~Stray~ ~Golden Spaniel~ Cocker-spaniel

Golden Spaniel
2 years 4 months

She once had a loving family. She chewed anything and everything in her path which led her to become  a stray, she was then adopted by an old man that found her on the streets. After a while he started abusing sweet little Hazel by not feeding her and not giving her  the attention that she needed, after living with the old man for a few months she left and has been on her own ever since.

She is a small golden structured female, she loves eating plants and other stuff that should not be eaten. .She hates being around other living creatures since she hasn't learnt any social skills.


Positive - Kind, Playful, intelligent
Negative - Stubborn, Lazy, curious
Neutral - Brave, sarcastic, shy

Eye color - Dark brown
Pelt - Golden with some shades of palomino and light brown
Height - 9 - 15 inches
 Weight - 20 - 24 lb
~More Info~
Crush - none
Mate - none
Pups - none
Parents - She doesn't know them
Siblings - if she had, she wouldn't know them
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~Hazelnut~ ~Stray~ ~Golden Spaniel~
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