A canine RP that takes place in the northern regions of Alaska/Canada
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 Canis RP Rules

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Canis RP Rules Empty
PostSubject: Canis RP Rules   Canis RP Rules Icon_minitimeSun Jan 31, 2016 5:26 pm

-Each RP post must be 3-10 sentences long.
-Try to use proper grammar in RP posts (no i, u, sry, lol, stuff like that)
-Try to keep swearing to a minimum in rp. I don't care how much you swear in chatbox though as long as it's not directed towards others.
-You need to be active! If you have not been online in 7 days or have not posted in RP in 3 days, you will receive a warning. You can bypass this if you post in MIA saying you won't be online.
-Before you request to join a rank, you need to make your canine bio first.
-No overpowered characters (Don't always be killing/harming others, don't always attack humans)
-Your canine can't have unusual pelt colors/patterns or unusual eye colors. Your canine also cannot have wings/powers/etc.
-You cannot kill another member without his/her permission

These rules are meant to keep the RP fun and active, if you have any questions you can make a new topic in the questions forum.
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Canis RP Rules
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